Our story

Hear it from the founder: “My little one was 2.5 years old then. My wife was breaking her head to narrow down on the right substitute for mother's feed. She was terribly upset with the kind of agro products that were available in urban India. Chose to solve this problem by bringing village fresh agro products to urban kitchens. 20 years of my initial days were spent at farm as a farm child and the subsequent 5 years were spent as a rural youth. This experience along with 10 years of urban exposure gave me the confidence to solve the urban problem in the best interest of rural Indians by channelizing the lion share of consumers' price back to rural economy. My father had lost his land for our education as the agriculture was no longer viable due to the lack of market connect and inefficient supply chain for the inputs.” 
About Hospital

About VilFresh Business Model

We brought in an alternate-distribution channel that markets farmers output and yields them better return (deserving return). Firstly to start with milk, our associates collect milk directly from the farmers and take it to the nearby city in less than 162 minutes and distribute the same. The farmers get 25% to 35% more than what they were getting in the past, which multi-folded their margin resulting in a substantial jump in their disposable income. The technology of extraction from cow and the associates milk cans and finally the vessels of consumers are fool proof, where there is no possibility of adding a drop of water. We use the same distribution channel for other agro- outputs as well where we assure 40% to 60% better returns on fruits & vegetables. Finally, using the same network we supply all agro-inputs at a highly competitive price which brings down the cost of farming significantly.

Meet Our Team

Company team

Selvakumar Varadharajan - Chief Executive Layman

On Paper: Master Of Finance & Control from Bharathiar University & M.Phil in Management from Periyar University.

For the Industry: Co-founder BSBS Business Academy, Bangalore Decade of Experience with ICFAI, Accenture & HDFC. Have transformed the lives of 2000+ graduates and post graduates as a Social Activist.

For the Laymen: Mothered the idea of Laymenism. Running from the front as a ‘Chief Executive Layman’.

Company team

Sharmila Selvakumar

On Paper: Masters in Business Administration from ICFAI, Bangalore.

For the Industry:   SPOC – Ac Nielson, USA Business Analyst – TCS, Bangalore Research Analyst – Empower Research (a Genpact co.)

For the Laymen:  Fathered the idea of Laymenism. An accidental entrepreneur thriving hard to justify the divine opportunity 

Umabharathy Natesan

On Paper: M.S in Computer Science from California State University

For the Industry:  Decade of experience with Oracle (USA & India).

For the Laymen: Tech transformation agent at Laymen. Leading the tech transformation and the team building initiatives.

Duraiikkannan Govindaraj

On Paper: Papers missing as it was in 1970s.

For the Industry: Worked with Tajmahal Hotel Mumbai & Taj Coramandal Chennai for a decade and then managed his own properties in Ooty for two decades.

For the Laymen: Heading the operations and team management. Withholding the true sense of laymenism in every step.

Professionals On Board

Chinnu Senthilkumar

Partner CTO – Exfinity Ventures Founder CEO – Sandisk India Two decades of experience in the USA

Deepak Natraj

Ex. MD – Aarin Capital Ex. International M&A Head – Infosys Two decades of experience in the USA

Venkat Rangam

Finance & investment banking professional Ex.CFO-TVS Logistics & worked with Aircel, Airtel, Ford, Tech Mahindra & RPG over two decades

Jayamani Manickam

Two decades of work exposure in the USA with leading companies like Intel, Siemens & LSI.

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