Why VilFresh?

Laymen Agro is born with a vision to bridge the Rural Urban gap. In rural India, not even 2/3 of what is been paid by the consumers reach the ultimate farmers who cultivate them (even less than 50% in many commodities). On the other hand, the urban citizens pay more for less either in terms of quality or quantity or sometime both when it comes to agro products. We pitch in here. We bring Village fresh agro products to urban kitchens through the empowerment of rural youth. We channelize the lions share of consumer price back to rural economy. We call ourselves an alternative distribution channel for agro outputs and an efficient supply chain for agro inputs that multifold farmer’s margin. Our very existence is based on a three dimensional impact –

  • Farmers to earn their due

  • Rural youth to get a shot at entrepreneurship

  • Consumers delight by delivering agri-products ‘Fresh in Time’

Firstly to start with milk (Milk is India’s leading agricultural commodity, produced in some 75 million dairy farms), our VillagePreneurs collect the milk directly from the farmers and take it to the nearby city in less than 162 minutes and distribute the same under our quality certification/brand. The farmers get 25% to 35% more than what they are getting today, which multi-folds farmer’s margin resulting in a substantial jump in their disposable income. We leverage on the same distribution channel for other agro outputs as well where we assure 40% to 60% better returns on fruits & vegetables.

Finally, using the same network we supply all agro-inputs at a highly competitive price which brings down the cost of farming significantly.

By being a VilFresh customer, you can be a cause for the improved lifestyle of farmers by rewarding them directly, strengthen the faith of youth in agriculture by making it a promising occupation and can have access to fresh agro produce in its real sense.

Our Features

Unbelievably minimized carbon mile

What VilFresh is meant?

        Village Fresh turns out to be VilFresh. Urban Citizens are craving for village fresh (preservative & adulteration free) agro products at affordable price. VilFresh ‘Milk as Milk’ offering has got a huge fan following in our catchment enjoying 97% customer retention. Our other product categories such as Dairy value added, Oil, Pulses & Grains are also enjoying a warm reception. Fruits & Vegetables are in pipeline with a huge potential. Farm to Home, Factory to Home & Home to Home are the key categories which will thrive on natural shelf life hyper-locally. We are sure to excite you with a highly competitive pricing.